Michael Bolton eliminated from 'Dancing With The Stars'...

Michael Bolton got the boot from "Dancing With the Stars" on Tuesday after performing what one judge called the "probably the worst" performance ever in the show's 11 seasons.

The singer came into Tuesday's episode in last place, earning only 12 out of 30 points for his "Hound Dog"-themed jive with pro partner Chelsie Hightower.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said he hated the dance and thought it was "probably the worst" in the show's 11 seasons.

Before learning his fate, Bolton said he thought Tonioli's remarks were "inappropriate and disrespectful."

"Other than that, it was a phenomenal experience up 'til now," the 57-year-old singer said.

Bolton is the second contestant eliminated from this season of "Dancing" following David Haselhoff's ouster last week.

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Congratulations Taylor Swift & Beyonce : They make Grammy history...

Taylor Swift isn't even old enough to drink. Never mind that. Swift, who turned 20 last month, took home a total of 4 awards. This is special, given she had not even won a Grammy prior to award night. Her last album sold 5.4 million copies.

The Country singer, known for her youthful looks and strong voice, was expected to win big. However, she had some pretty big competition from Beyonce, who also had a big night, and took home a total of 6 Grammys -- the most by a female artist at a single event.

Both had record breaking nights, as Beyonce took home the record 6 Grammys, and Swift became the youngest since
1996, when Alanis Morissette, who was 21 when she won for "Jagged Little Pill," took home her Grammy...


#1 Ohio Auto Auction : Updated Vehicles At Auction Prices...

Jessica could not believe that her younger sister got the new car she wanted. What made it worse, was the fact that Jessica wanted the same car, and she was originally the one who brought up the conversation about the champagne colored Range Rover. Now she had to see that little smirk on little sister's face every time she pulled up in her truck. What added insult to injury, was the way she acquired her new ride. She paid nowhere near what most people would pay...

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During our trip, we stopped by the Ohio Auto Auction to see what they had in stock. I got the exact car I've been wanting, and I also got it in my favorite color.

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Hazy Build Up on Car Windows or Windshield - Haven't a Foggy Idea?
By Dennis Bandy

Moisture inside a car's passenger compartment can cause a haze or fog build up which can be quite annoying and even make it dangerous to drive. Hazy or foggy windows can make it very difficult to see out, especially when it's raining and the side windows have to be up. If the windows have a filmy build up, it's possible the heater core is starting to leak. When there's a leaky heater core, the coolant evaporates, it rises in the air and can settle on the inside of the windows leaving a filmy residue. If the heater core is leaking the smell of coolant inside the car will have a sweet/sour smell. For an auto technician that's detected this odor many times over the years, the smell is unmistakable. For the car owner, the smell could be a little more difficult to recognize but obviously unpleasant. If a heater core is suspected of leaking, check the coolant level (careful not to open the radiator cap in a hot cooling system). Next check the carpet to see if the heater core could be leaking inside the car. A bad heater core typically leaks inside and soaks the carpet.

Air Conditioning

If the heater core isn't leaking and there's no sweet/sour smell, the haze could just be caused simply from high humidity. The higher the humidity the more likely the windows will get fogged up. In example when it's raining, there's more humidity in the air so it's likely a fog will build up on the windshield more easily. A properly working AC system removes much of the moisture in the air. Many people don't realize that the front windshield defroster removes fog quickly, not because of heat as much as the air conditioning. Even when the temperature control is set to warm, the air conditioning is still working to help remove the fog. It does this by passing the air through the evaporator core, the moisture collects on the fins and travels out of the car through a drain. So if the AC isn't working correctly, the defrost will NOT work as efficiently to de-fog the windshield.

For Best Defrost Performance

Air conditioning system needs to be fully charged and working properly.

Controls set to MAX or Recirculate. This allows the AC to remove moisture from the recirculated air.

If the car has a cabin air filter, it needs to be clean so it will not abnormally restrict the airflow.

The evaporator drain must be free flowing. It cannot be restricted or stopped up - if it is the carpet could be soaked with clear water (not coolant). This can hamper the ability of the system to remove moisture from the passenger compartment. Be careful not mistake a stopped drain for a leaky heater core.

With the information outlined here, the source of foggy or hazy car windows can be diagnosed quickly.

Pressure testing the cooling system with a [http://www.denlorstools.com/home/dt1/multilist_13/automotive_cooling_system_diag_pressure_tester.html]coolant pressure tester can help determine if the heater core is leaking. If replacing the heater core is necessary, get on-line [http://www.denlorstools.com/autoblog/2009/05/free-auto-repair-manuals-online-information/]auto repair manual info for your specific vehicle.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dennis_Bandy http://EzineArticles.com/?Hazy-Build-Up-on-Car-Windows-or-Windshield---Havent-a-Foggy-Idea?&id=2441813

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Tomorrow we will go to the auto auction Columbus Ohio center near the house.

My friend Brent went to that one auto auction in Ohio near our school.

When It's Nexen Tires, You Know It's Top Quality
By Morgan Le Fay

Installing good tires to your car will always remain among the top list of car safety essentials and that is one aspect that Nexen tires has not left behind. If you don't invest in high quality tires, it brings a great deal of disturbance into your life. You will have to do check-ups and maintenance, as well as change tires more often. This can be very tiring. But you can discard all these unnecessary processes.

If you used to sacrifice quality for a cheaper cost, you should definitely think again. High quality doesn't always have to equate with high price. Nexen Tires can offer you just what you need, high quality tires for a reasonable price.

Nexen Tires are one of the leading companies for tire productions today. From a small local business, they have managed to expand globally. For over 60 years, they have produced high quality tires and develop their manufacturing capabilities to greater heights. From being a Korean Company named Heung-A Tire, they transformed and have managed to snatch the scene, as the Nexen Tires Company which continues to grow and reach out to more and more customers around the globe. And just as their name (which is derived from Next Century) tries to imply, they will definitely lead the future for the tire industry.

They have a variety of products that they offer. From high to ultra high performing tires, they have it all for you. There's the N2000 which has great speed but is still sure to help you maintain safety on the road with water drainage that maximizes the tire's running performance during the rain.

For ultra-high performance, you can choose from both the N3000 and N5000, both designed to fit different driving needs. The former is more into the aggressive type and is recommended for speed driving while the latter is well characterized by its reduced noise when you hit the road. In addition, N5000 also has been optimized for perfect drainage and braking.

Another product that is worth noting is the N6000, whose target customers are particularly sports car owners. Like the other previously mentioned products, this tire is also equipped with excellent performance and safety features that keep you safe driving long distances.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for in the above list, maybe what you actually need are these passenger tires, still of high quality performance by Nexen Tires. The CP641 and CP672 will suit you if you're up for a quiet ride and would like to go a long distance as it is known for having long mileage performance. When it comes to performance driving however, the best picks would be any of these three: SB650, SB702, and SB802. Also among the list of Nexen tires are SUV/High Truck tires that are sure to deliver great performance.

And a great deal to consider is that, the { [http://www.hubcap-tire-wheel.com/Nexen-Tires.html]Nexen truck wheels |Nexen car wheels|Nexen wheels|Nexen automotive wheels|Nexen wheels} products come with a two year warranty, something you can only get from companies which have high confidence that they can deliver to their clients and can provide high quality service and {wheels|rims|custom wheels|custom rims| [http://www.hubcap-tire-wheel.com/wheels.html]wheels and rims }. That's one great partner to going on the ride of your life.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Morgan_Le_Fay http://EzineArticles.com/?When-Its-Nexen-Tires,-You-Know-Its-Top-Quality&id=2317928

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Jennifer told us that they had thousands of cars at the Ohio public auto auctions
she went to yesterday.

We'll just go to the Ohio public auto auction next time we come out here. They will probably have a better selection then.