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Lake Natron Chemical Plant: A Threat To Regional Eco-Tourism
by Maxi

A huge chemical production plant proposed for Tanzania’s Lake Natron has been developed the latest voice concern over by the African Tourism and Travel Association. Nigel Vere Nicholl, chairman of the African Tourism and Travel Association (ATTA), said: “Spectacular flocks of flamingos are one of the major attractions for tourists visiting the Great Rift Valley from all over the world. Given the massive contribution ecotourism makes to the East African economy, it just doesn’t make sense to jeopardize these wonderful birds and this very special and unspoilt place. If this development goes ahead who knows what may happen next”.

Tanzania is awaiting the number of tourists to climb from 580,000 in 2004 to one million in 2010. Presently many are attracted towards the one million Lesser Flamingos that breed on Lake Natron each year—the so-called ‘greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth’. Tanzania and Kenya gain worth US$2 billion annually through ecotourism while tourists visiting Lake Natron alone eat up US$500,000 each year.

Lake Natron in Tanzania is the only East African site where the Lesser Flamingo nests fruitfully. Plenty of food enables three quarters of the world’s population of this inscrutable bird to breed there, nesting sites in abundance and because the lake survives in almost total isolation, free from outside interruption.

The proposed development has globally been opposed at the proclamation from the African Tourism and Travel Association. BirdLife Partners worldwide and influential voices like Sir David Attenborough are encouraging the campaign. Graham Wynne, the RSPB’s Chief Executive, said: “If Lake Natron is developed, East Africa will no longer be such a lure for tourists. But it is the whole of the world that will be the loser. This is much more than just the loss of a few birds”.

HI, My name is Mayank and I have worked for Tourism Department of India for 10 years. Now I provide travellers information on various places on my website. World Travel Guide

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Guide to Staying at a Long Winter Let in France
by Glynis Shaw

A long winter let is when the owner of self catering holiday accommodation in France such as a villa, farmhouse, cottage or chalet, also make their property available to rent for longer periods over the winter months.

Because winter lets are for longer periods than usual, and take place at a quieter time of year, rental fees are usually much less than for summer lets. This makes long winter lets an affordable way to seek out milder weather, enjoy inspirational tranquility, or even try out living in France before you make the commitment to move there permanently.

Your Guide to Long Winter Lets in France
The term and duration of your long winter let can be flexible but is usually from 1 to 6 months. If you don’t have a permanent UK address as well, either owned or rented, then your furnished holiday let in France could be classed as your main residence and a minimum 12 month lease may then be obligatory.

Off season lettings can typically have all the facilities you’d expect from a summer letting such as furnishings, laundry, cleaning and so on. Depending on the area of France you are planning to stay in, you may want to check some other features of the property such as heating systems and fuel costs, and seasonal opening times of local attractions.

If you are using a long term letting to try out life in France as a precursor to relocating there permanently, then consider staying at two or three different properties for a few months each, to gain a real insight into the different cultures of areas and regions in France.

Enjoy A Better Climate Over Winter With A Long Term Let
If you simply can’t face the prospect of a long and dull British winter, a long winter let can be a great way for you to follow the sun without the expense of buying your own holiday property, especially if you are retired and have the flexibility to live abroad for several months.

For example the average maximum temperature in January can be a very comfortable 10 degree Celsius in Aquitaine and over 12 degrees in Provence, more than double the average temperature in most of the UK at that time of year. And France is still near enough to be able to pop back and see family at Christmas – but better still, have them come to you at your rustic French farmhouse!

Use A Long Winter Let To Find Creative Inspiration
If you have visions of writing a novel in rural Provence, just like Colin Firth’s character in the film Love Actually, then a long winter let could give you the peace and inspiration you need to get the creative juices flowing. Wintering at a French country property can provide peace, quiet, solitude and inspiration for writers, artists, musicians, photographers and many other creative types. Imagine hiding yourself away from the long English winter in a charming French country cottage, farmhouse, chateaux or watermill, and returning in the spring reinvigorated and full of new ideas.

To find a long winter let in France search online on one of the many websites available such as French Connections, which has a special section for long term lettings at

Written by Glynis Shaw of French Connections, the French holiday property website which features 3000 farmhouses, cottages, chalets, villas and gites to rent in across all regions of France, including special long term winter lettings at

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