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The BMW E36 has a really nice and sporty look to it. This could be the perfect car for business or personal pleasure. You can cruise around town casually, or be taken seriously in this ride. What do you like most about the BMW E36?

I wanted the BMW E36 so badly, but my parents said they did not think I was responsible enough to be trusted with one.

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UnderCar Light Kit

By Amber Whitman-Currier

Want to light up your life? Many of us have probably been out at night and wondered at those stunning lights coming from under those fancy cars and trucks. The fact is that undercar lights have been around since Hot Rods. Their popularity has grown especially with movies like The Fast and The Furious. The excitement you feel when you see those lights! The attention the vehicle and driver draws. You may have thought you would like to do that to your vehicle. Well now you can do it yourself with undercar light kits. They range in price from $40-$100 or more depending where you buy them.

They are easy to install and you can turn your own vehicle into a stunning light show! This is what is referred to as "pimping your ride!" There are LED and Neon kits. LED kits are not only durable but come in different colors. In some cases they even come with wireless remote control. These kits can be found online at different price points. When you are thinking about buying these kits keep these four things in mind:

-Brightness-some cheaper kits contain poor grade LED's
-Light Spread- don't get narrow beam LED's
-Uniform vivid colors- Make sure tubes are not "washed out"
-Quality and Warranty- You should have high quality and a return policy

LED's give off a smoother glow and are energy efficient. Neon produces a bright, smooth glow for better ground effect. The problem with neon is that the tubes could crack whereas LED is made from plastic so all you worry about is replacing a bulb. The color selection for neon's is wide but they don't have multi-color or pattern. LED carries multi-color and you can change the patterns like zigzag, pulse etc.

You can even control your patterns when away from the vehicle with the use of a remote. If you are looking at price the neon kits are more affordable and are great for what they offer. LED's are expensive because of all the extras and new features. However, the extra expense might be worth it to have a vehicle that glows and shines! So if you are looking for something creative, unique and eye-catching buy an undercar light kit and get rock in!

Link: http://www.highrollertoys.com/under-car-light-kit-let-the-parade-begin-p-40.html - 35k -

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Related comments:

I think the E36 compact look is more of a sporty type of model. I like anything BMW, but especially like that one, because it seems to fit who I am personally.

If I am allowed to get one of those new BMWs, I am definitely going to try and drive off in the E36 coupe. I could do so much with that car, given I know a lot about detailing now.

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Come this time next year, I will have my bmw e36.
What's all this e36 tuning about?
That's the e36 compact car. It's a lot smaller than most BMW's.
Josh may be happy with the e36 coupe. He's a spoiled brat.
Today I drove in the new e36 Cabrio. Now, I'm a huge fan of that model.
You should take the e36 car test drive also. I guarantee you'll want one afterward.
If you want, we can go for a ride in the 325 e36.
Is this the e36 320i you were talking about? How do you just pull up to my house in this beautiful car and not feel guilty?
I told you that you would like the e36 bmw way better than the Jaguar.
These are the parts for your 318i e36.
Jennifer needs to go for a drivers test to get her actual license. She wants to take the e36 325i. I laughed at her.
I told James that he couldn't afford the e36 318is. What, is he crazy or something?
I'd rather get the e36 328 instead. I just think that's the better choice right now.
Is that the e36 turbo? That thing just went like 90 around the corner.
I really don't like the e36 convertible, because I have had such a bad time with convertibles in the past.
If you're going to get one at all, just get the e36 hardtop. That way, you won't have to worry about the rain and snow.
The e36 leather seats look so soft and cuddly. I could fall asleep in this car.
I prefer the manual bmw e36, because I get bored really easy when I drive. That way, it'll give me something to do.
I'd be happy with anything within the 3 series e36.
The e36 engine is way faster than that peice of crap you pulled in the other day.
Maybe you're right. That is a e36 323. I couldn't tell from far away.
She came to school today in a new e36 323i. She said her mom gave it to her for getting straight B's. What a spoiled brat.
No it's not. This is the e36 sport version. Don't confuse it with that lemon.
I can't find a reasonably priced e36 for sale anywhere in town. If my luck keeps up, I'll have to take a trip out of town to get the car I want.
How do you think the e36 performance is? I like it a lot.
Where can I find some e36 service tips? I really don't want to have to take it into the dealership.
That thing will not compare to the e36 power engine.
I promise I am getting the E36 black model.
This is just like the e36 computer inside.
I seriously need a e36 how to manual so that I will have a clue to what I'm doing.
I hope I can get the e36 euro version.
He thinks the e36 exterior is better than yours. Don't tell him you heard it from me.
I'd be happy if I can just find a used e36. I do not have anywhere near the amount of money it will take to purchase a new one.
Remember when I had my 92 e36? Those were the days.
I like the e36 console so much compared to the other crappy one I had in my Taurus.
She just bought a e36 v8. I am so mad at her. She knows I wanted one first.
Do they even have a z3 e36 available?
She traded her other one in. Now she plans on getting a 95 e36.
I like the e36 sunroof a lot better, because I am not a big fan of the t-tops.
I I do get one, it will be a e36 white one, because he is already getting the black one.
I don't care that she had a 94 bmw e36. It's old anyway.
Is there even a such thing as a e36 Bentley version.
I will definitely make sure that my e36 custom model is a one of a kind car.
She still has the 93 e36 she had back then.
No she doesn't, she has a 97 e36 now.
I have heard nothing but good things about the e36 reviews.
Do they have any e36 stock cars, or do we have to put in a special order?
Where is the first place I should look in order to buy e36 tomorrow.
The e36 factory version is just fine.
The e36 me.
My favorite e36 color is smoke gray.
How many e36 models are there today?
He wants his e36 yellow like BumbleBee on Transformers.
Please make sure that my e36 is not some crazy color if you surprise me with one for our anniversary.
How many bmw e36 colors are there?
What in the world is a e36 Dinan?
I am so glad I found this E36 blog because I did not know where elso to look for a solution.
The e36 aluminum look is pretty slick. I like it a lot.
Is there a difference between the e36 mid and a regular model?
I don't care if I have a 98 e36 3. I just need something to take me back and forth from work.
I think the e36 European version is the exact same as the American version

How to Buy a Car With Credit Challenges

By Paul Rush

It's a buyer's market right now they say, but if you don't have a job, what then? Lots of people have great credit and they can buy what they want when they want it, but if you're like thousands of other Americans right now your laid off or just out of work, the problem is life goes on and you need a good car to get you around, maybe to look for a job or to get you kids to school. So here are a few simple things to keep in mind if you're looking for a car loan.

1. Be realistic about the price range of the auto.

2. Get your info together before you look, know your credit score before you shop.

3. Don't let everyone run your credit that can cost you points that you need.

4. Don't get emotionally attached to your auto before you finish the deal; be prepared to walk out of the dealership at least once if the deal doesn't work for you.

5. Make them work for the deal.

Another real issue is the down payment, car dealers need this cash to make the deal work but they have other places to get the cash that they don't talk about too much. If you don't have cash for the down payment then look for a dealer offering cash back, they can use this for the down payment so you keep yours! I'm not saying you can't buy without cash but it's going to come up every time. If your credit score is over 700 then you can do just about whatever you want but if your below 680 then maybe not. It's true that it can be a hassle but unless you have cash to buy the auto you want out right then you have to play the game.

If you have been turned down do to credit score then I have located a company that will work with you if you're over 18 and a US citizen, also for the best way to get your hands on a free credit report instantly online, [http://tips2save2day.blogspot.com]go here and take a look for all the other info I have put together.

Thanks and good luck

Paul Rush

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Rush http://EzineArticles.com/?How-to-Buy-a-Car-With-Credit-Challenges&id=2116300

Related comments:

My sister really likes the E36 cabrio. I think she will more than likely ask for that car on her birthday. If she does, I will be so jealous.

Why did they make the E36 car so small? I really like the style and everything, but they could have made the body a little bigger. That's just my opinion.