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Oh, the fun of cruising around town in your new convertible BMW. The hardtops are nice. There's just something about the drop tops that give you that carefree feeling. Take a look at the current selection of convertible BMW's you can choose from...

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I never used to like convertible vehicles at all, because of the problems with the rain getting inside, and all the maintenance issues involved. Now, I love the new BMW convertible cars, because they are just so classy looking and luxurious. The roof problems I was once worried about no longer concern me.

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With all hear this talk of going green, and taking our dependence off of fossil fuels, but have we actually looked into what options we have available? For each solution, there are those who have a reason why we should not use that solution as the answer. Obviously, there are pros and cons to most energy sources out there.

Some people say that if we don't use fossil fuels, our cars may not travel as fast. We may only be able to go a fraction of the speed we're used to. The point is, we can still travel and get to where we need to go. We just would have to be a little more patient. 50 mph isn't so bad, is it?

The good thing about using a car that only uses electricity, for instance, is that there would be no negative affect on the environment. The air would be cleaner, the trees and vegetation would be better off, and the planet would be in much better shape. No burning fuels, no emission tests, and less headache. Another negative would be that you'd have to charge your battery every hundred miles or so. This can be taken care of by just having backup batteries.

Now with the talk of all this new technology, some may be scared they wouldn't be able to afford it. The cost of new electric cars are pretty pricey. However, there are all types of books and stuff on the internet that talks about how to convert your current vehicle into an electric one. This way, you pay a lot less. You can probably do it for less than a thousand dollars.

We can all agree that there are good and bad reasons to begin to use a new energy source. When it comes to electric powered cars, remember that you will no longer be dealing with gas prices. Electricity is much cleaner and cheaper to use as an energy source.

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I like BMW Convertible Cars for the way they look. I love the hard tops, but when Summertime comes around, the drop top is definitely the way to go.

Does that lot have any 2009 BMW Convertible Cars for sale? I want a new one that is fresh off the lot. I want to be the first and only driver of my car.

Yes, we can all do things to help ourselves out on the price of gas. You can get your car serviced and maintain its parts and it will run a lot better for a lot longer. However, you can also save fuel costs just by doing some common sense things to your vehicle.

Your Fuel cap:

Your fuel cap plays a big role in your fuel efficiency. Without it, you will use a lot more gasoline than you need. Have you ever spilled gas on the ground, and watched how fast it disappears? This is because it evaporates really quickly. Any place where there is an air hole, is a potential place for your fuel to escape. Make sure this does not happen to you by screwing your cap on as tight as it should be. Usually, the max is 3 clicks.

Don't over fill your gas tank:

You've probably done it before. The fuel hose keeps stopping in the middle of the fill up, and you are determined to make sure it all gets in there.

This will end up costing you money. That last bit of fuel you're adding will end up escaping your fuel tank, and you would have spent money for nothing. Also, there is the danger of having it splash out the cap, and running down your cars body, screwing up the beautiful detail job you spent so much money on.

When this happens to you in the future, stop filling up after you hear that click sound. We know it's only a few dollars more you could try and squeeze in, but it will be a waste, and it's a few dollars you could use for something else. Just go inside the station and get the change for whatever you did not use.

Lower octane gas:

Some people think it's just a bunch of sales talk. Buy the higher octane gas, and you can extend the life of your car. Is this true? I know with my care, if I use the regular octane, I do notice a big difference in the power and drive ability. Some cars require higher octane fuels (usually the cars with bigger engines). However, for most 4 cylinders and V-6 engines, it won't make any difference at all. Just save that extra money for something else.

Stay near the shady trees:

We usually do this anyway, especially during the Summertime, because our vehicles can get so hot inside. There is a cost effective reason you should try and do this also. Remember the talk about watching the gasoline evaporate once it spilled on the ground? This happens because of the makeup of gasoline. In warm and hot climates, this takes place even faster. When your car is really hot, the fuel will not last as long as it would in the cold weather. Not only will you feel a lot more comfortable, but you will feel a lot less poor also.

Utilize your storage:

This touches on our previous point. Keep your vehicle cool as much as you can. A garage will come in handy during the warm seasons also. During the Winter time, your car can drive a lot less stressfull when it's not below freezing temperature. This could also take a toll on your fuel costs. In the Winter, a garage will come in handy to make sure that your car and its fluids don't freeze.

Save money with these common sense tips to help you with your fuel consumption...

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I promise I'll get the BMW M3 Convertible. I told everyone it was my goal to do so. I will not go back on my mission to by one soon.

I don't even care if we get a used BMW Convertible as a gift. I'm not picky. It's a car, and a BMW at that! Anyone who complains about it being used is ungrateful and doesn't deserve one anyway.

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Torrance Car Accidents Reduced With Police DUI Checkpoints
By J. Bisnar

Torrance car accident attorneys have said that DUI checkpoints have helped decrease the number of Torrance car accidents. The seventh largest city in Los Angeles County and the 33rd largest city in California, Torrance has had its share of Los Angeles car accidents. In December 2008, a 57-year-old man was crossing Crenshaw from west to east when he was struck and killed by a southbound car. That August, a 42-year-old motorcyclist was killed on Maricopa when a semi-truck and trailer pulled into the intersection from southbound Alaska attempting to make an eastbound turn onto Maricopa. Last March, the 17-year-old driver of a Chevrolet Corvette traveling north on Crenshaw lost control of his vehicle, crossed into opposing traffic, and collided with a Mercedes and a Jeep Cherokee. The teen driving the Corvette died during surgery.

Adding to these grim car accident statistics are those culled by the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), in 2006, 12 people were killed and 401 were personally injured in Torrance car collisions. DUI collisions snuffed out three lives and personally injured 35. One pedestrian was killed and 27 were injured in traffic accidents. Motorcycle accidents injured 22 in the city.

These tragic numbers underscore the need for greater public awareness of traffic laws and more careful driving. Increased law enforcement efforts can also help. Some cities, like Torrance, have stepped up measures to remove unsafe drivers off its streets.

Seeking to reduce the number of people injured and killed in Los Angeles car accidents, Torrance Police have set up DUI/Drivers License checkpoints in various parts of the city. A major component of these checkpoints are to identify unlicensed drivers and DUI offenders, and to educate the public on the dangers of impaired driving.

Check points are held throughout the year in Torrance. One checkpoint, conducted in September 2008, in the southbound lanes of the 22100 block of Western, proved quite effective. Police found 19 unlicensed drivers or drivers not possessing a California license and three drivers with suspended licenses. Another 33 drivers were cited for other infractions and equipment violations. And 21 cars were impounded. Torrance Police scheduled another Torrance DUI checkpoint in March 2009 in the 4300 block of Pacific Coast Highway.

Although controversial, DUI/Drivers License checkpoints, when administered properly, can be an effective tool for getting dangerous and unlicensed drivers off city streets. These efforts can be particularly useful during holidays, as well as on Friday and Saturday nights to catch those driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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