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Ever had that heart pounding feeling in your chest right before going onto stage? Maybe you hate when someone calls on you to read in front of the class. Some people get nervous and have anxiety attacks for almost no reason. You can just be sitting talking to a friend at a football game, and all of a sudden have an anxiety attack...

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My daughter needs to get therapy for anxiety. Every time she has to read out loud, she says she wants to cry. She's not a shy person, so it really is kind of strange.

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Kids With ADHD - Two Stories to Think About

By Robert William Locke

There's a lovely (true ) story about a kid with ADHD. His mother had great difficulty in controlling his hyperactivity and impulsiveness as he tore the place apart. One day, a friend asked him (as a challenge) to balance a number of cushions from various rooms in the house on one hand and to keep them balanced while reciting the alphabet backwards. He did it ! And not only that but remembered where all the cushions had come from and was able to put them back in the right place. Dr. Amen, an expert on ADHD, maintains that this story is a perfect example about what he believes and practises when treating kids with ADHD.

Most people seem to think that because kids with ADHD suffer from distractability and cannot cope with distractions coming from all angles , this is the reason why they cannot stay focused on one task. The answer, they think is to remove distractions and get them to concentrate. But Dr. Amen's story demonstrates that inattentive children when given several tasks to do in a stimulating environment, they can actually do it with surprising effectiveness. We may have to rethink our attitude towards distraction in ADHD kids.

The second story comes from the UK near Brighton where two teenagers aged 13 and 15 somehow got hold of the ADHD drug Ritalin at school and accidentally swallowed some of these tablets and ended up in hospital. While the police are investigating, the spotlight has naturally turned to this amphetamine drug which is so widely prescribed now for kids with ADHD. As we know the main ingredient of Ritalin and many ADHD drugs like it, is methylphenidate which acts on the child's brain chemicals by helping them concentrate and be less impulsive and more attentive. The side effects and risks of this type of amphetamine drug has once again come to the forefront. This drug is also known as 'kiddy coke' and that refers to cocaine, not Coca Cola! Surely this is not the best way of treating ADHD in small kids.

Lots of studies have linked these psychostimulants to problems such as insomnia,weight loss and weight gain in children when they are prescribed these drugs. Heart problems and stunted growth complete the list of the most worrying side effects and risks. There are now serious question marks about using such a treatment for ADHD in small kids.

Parents are fed up with the hype and attention given to these mind altering drugs and the efforts by the drug companies to cover up certain risks which are alarming. What kids with ADHD need most of all is love and affection and to be taught behavior modification which none of these drugs can do. They now know that an ADHD natural cure such as a homeopathic one is much safer and more effective in helping the child come to terms with his ADHD symptoms. Why not find out more from the link below?

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what []Alternative ADHD Therapy is available. Find out about []ADHD natural cures

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In class, my professor is teaching us how cognitive therapy for anxiety works in order to stop a lot of the stress people experience.

I told my mom she needs to get my little brother therapy for anxiety and depression, because he is always having problems with his classmates, and seems depressed after he gets out of school.

Dealing With a Fear of Fire

By Trevor Johnson

Many people have a fear of fire. They are terrified of flames. Fire can indeed be incredibly scary. Think about everything it can destroy. Your house can burn down, you can lose your belongings, the people you love can be harmed - and so can you. People who fear fire are constantly afraid of those things.

Naturally, of course, you can easily reduce the risk of a fire in your life. Fires can be prevented, and if they erupt, they can be controlled. You have got to realize this, among other things, when you are trying to overcome your fear. You have to realize that as dangerous as it may seem to you, it is not in reality that dangerous. You have to understand that you can be in control of preventing a fire from occurring.

The first thing you need to do is talk to somebody in whom you have implicit trust. It may be a friend or a member of your family. It may even be a therapist. Regardless of who you talk to, voicing your fear can be enormously helpful.

Secondly, you have to remember to be as rational as possible. This may sound difficult to accomplish, but it is possible. The key is distinguishing between a logical fear about fires and an illogical or irrational fear.

It can be helpful to be rationally afraid of fire. That will make you be safer when it comes to leave candles unattended and things of that nature. However, you also have to realize that if you are watching a burning candle, nothing is going to happen. If you are being responsible, you are in control.

You ultimately have to face your fears. You will have to spend some time around a fire. Bonfires, fires in the fire place, and things of that nature can be scary, but being around them will help. Learn about fire, so that you can learn how to be safe.

Get more help to deal with your []fear of fire with this []10 minute phobia cure.

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Some of the children I have to babysit after school, really do need behavioral therapy for anxiety. They are so bad, and I can tell it's something related to fear, because they will throw temper tantrums when they feel embarrassed or cornered.

I'm going to have to go on television in a week, to talk about how we started our company. I'm beginning to think that I need therapy for anxiety disorders in order to get through it. Every time I think about it, I seem to feel my heart beat increase where I can hear it through my chest.