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Everyone thought Steve acted a lot different since he bought his new Mercedes Benz. He was still the same guy, but people didn't treat him that way. All because of the car he drove, people really began to treat him differently. There were good things that he liked about this; he got looked at as a successful guy. However, people also treated him as if we was conceded because he drove around in an expensive car. Steve's thing was, he paid nothing near what they thought he paid. The Mercedes X5 he had, he got for thousands less than the normal sticker price...

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If I get lucky, my parents will take me to the PA Auto Auction near our house when they get the money for it.

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How to Price Shop a Tune-Up Auto Repair Service For Your Vehicle
By Tom Vickers

How many of us go phone call to phone call shopping auto repair shops for estimates to do a specific repair to our vehicle? How many of us have had those cost estimates differ from significantly low to enormously high? How do we then sort through the information we get and decide on which auto repair shop will do the work for us?

Most shops don't seem to understand the importance of customer service, then there are those of us that operate on the basis of what is in the best interest of our customers. With this in mind, we have come across several customers asking for an estimate or would just walk in and ask us to "do a tune up" on their vehicle.

Now let me ask, how many different definitions are there for a tune-up? Honestly, it differs between shops and that's why you get so many different variations in your estimates. Go with the cheapest and you might just be getting plugs and wires and inferior parts. Go with the most expensive and you might just be getting everything from plugs all the way to all filters and fluids replaced.

What can you do to make this ordeal more simple and be more educated on what service it is you truly need and use that knowledge to get a more accurate representation of estimates between repair shops? Since your definition of a tune up might be different between several auto shops, start by asking the first one you call what they see is recommended by the manufacturer.

A good quality auto repair shop will have the resource to tell you. Once you have the info, ask the auto repair shop to break down their estimate or if it's a "package" price, break down each and every part they will be replacing. Use this same method described above for each subsequent auto repair shop you call. Use this knowledge to help you determine which auto repair shop you feel provided you with the best experience, those that answer your questions politely, those who were willing to take the time to break down the estimates and one that offers a warranty for the work performed, they may not be the "cheapest" but they are typically the ones that will treat you right and use quality parts on your vehicle.

Hope this short article helped.

Tom Vickers

All It Takes Auto Care, Everett WA []

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My brother got that Corvette at the auto auction in PA If you want, we will take you there with us tomorrow, so you can see what models they have.

I don't have to go to the place where all the dealers go. I won't need a license for dealers if I go to the PA public auto auction. Anyone can go to one of those if they are in the area.

Used Toyota Cars
By Jamie Hanson

The advantage of buying a used or "pre-owned" car is you'll save a lot of money that you would have otherwise invested in a new vehicle. And if your choice of brand is Toyota, you can be assured of good quality at reasonable prices. The used car market is now so extensive that you can buy any Toyota make you want and with all fittings and extras that you desire. Toyota is high on the preferred list of used car buyers because of its reliability and durability.

There are just a few factors you have to consider before signing the check to buy used Toyota Cars.

• Test drive the car - Of course, you already know this. If you have a lot of driving experience, you can do the test drive; else get an experienced person to do it. Most experienced drivers can check the health of the car from the sound of the engine itself. You may also want to take the car to a mechanic, provided the owner or agency that's selling the car allows.

• Know the history of the car- You wouldn't want a car that has been in an accident or otherwise damaged. Check the body of the car thoroughly to make sure there are no dents. Look for differences in color shades in the car's body that may indicate an attempt to cover up damage. If you're interested in a particular car, you can request for a carfax report for a small fee. This has a detailed history of vehicle history of US and Canadian cars made after 1981.

• Check the mileage of the car. It's better to get a car that has a low mileage because this means the car can be used for a longer time. You cannot rely solely on the information given by the odometer because it can be easily tampered with and rolled back. There are other indicators to check the mileage. For instance, if you notice signs of new tires in an old car, it may mean the car has been used for a long distance, much more than the mileage shown in the odometer

• Make sure the paperwork is complete and there are no liens attached to the vehicle. Get an extended warranty when you buy the car to protect your purse for the future.

Toyota has come out with an initiative to protect buyers of used Toyota cars and to ensure quality in new as well as used cars. Accordingly, Toyota Certified cars are models manufactured in the past six years and that have a mileage of less than 85000 miles. These cars have to pass through a strict 160 point quality standards inspection and should have a Vehicle History Report to be certified. Toyota certified vehicles are covered by warranty up to 7 years from first date of purchase or a mileage of 100000 miles with additional benefits such as roadside help to aid you in case of problems when on the road. So when you buy a used car that's 3-4 years old, with a mileage less than 50000 miles, you get the benefits of this scheme too. Avail of this to get yourself a really good used car without hassles.

Looking for []used Toyota Cars? Find out more about []used cars online. Compare prices and get an idea of how much a used car would cost at

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Last time we visited the Central PA auto auction to see if they had the BMW I wanted so bad. This time we will try going to the Manheim auction in our city.

I can't believe they went to the Conshohocken PA auto auction all day long without me. I told them to wait until I got back, but they just couldn't be patient enough.